How to Install Google Desktop 2

by Contributor

Google's new and improved Google Desktop is offers several new features that are earning rave reviews from users and critics alike. The one feature that most distinguishes it from its predecessor is the addition of a sidebar, which displays personalized and real-time information. Dozens of third-party plug-ins are available to enhance its functionality. Read on to learn how to install this popular application to your PC.

Go to the "Google Desktop" home page (see Resources below) and click on the "Install Google Desktop" button.

Read Google Desktop's "Terms of Service" and "Privacy Policy" and then click on "Agree and Download" when prompted. You can set your privacy options once you have Google Desktop installed. Save the downloaded folder to your desktop.

Double-click Google's desktop icon. You may be prompted to restart your computer to complete the installation.

Set up your preferences for a sidebar, stationary desk bar or floating deskbar. Determine whether or not to install Google Desktop's "Advanced Features."

Minimize the side panel and click on the down arrow, and select "Preferences" Configure the options to your liking. Click "Save Preferences." Download third-party plug-ins if you like on the Preferences page. Restart your computer to complete installation.


  • check A number of serious flaws in the design of Google Desktop have been found to allow malicious hackers access to and even full control of your computer system. Subsequent versions have since addressed these flaws, but some concerns remain.
  • check Google Desktop's "Advanced Features" allow Google to collect information on your computing and browsing habits.

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