How to Install Gdiplus Dll

by Tyran DeWalt

The Gdiplus DLL (Dynamic Link Library) is a Windows system process that powers the GDI graphics interface. This DLL enables features such as gradient shading and anti-aliasing in JPEG and PNG files. If gdiplus.dll is not correctly installed on your system, you may notice error messages such as "The file gdiplus is missing" and "Gdiplus.dll Not Found." You can have this DLL installed and running like normal with a few simple methods.

Download and install the Gdiplus.dll to the C//Windows//System32 folder. Select the overwrite option if there is an existing gdiplus.dll file in the System32 folder.

Press the "R" key plus the Windows key at the same time. This opens the "Run" function.

Type "regsvr32 gdiplus.dll" in the "Open" field and click "OK." Click "OK" once the RegSvr32 message appears.

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