How to Install the Gateway Recovery Center

By Garrett Genet

The Gateway Recover Center is a program that comes installed on Gateway computers to allow a user to reinstall applications that came preinstalled on the computer. It's particularly useful when a certain application becomes corrupted or has been otherwise removed from use. Given that it's all contained on a hard drive, the user doesn't need to resort to using installation disks, product keys or any of the hassles that come with using removable media. Best of all, it's significantly faster than using conventional methods of installation.

Step 1

Open your "Start" menu and click "Run." If you don't see "Run" then click in the search field at the bottom.

Step 2

Type "cmd" and click "OK." If you're using the search field, you should see "cmd.exe" as one of the results; click it to run the program.

Step 3

Type "d:" and press "Enter." Your recovery drive letter may differ, in which case use it in place of "d."

Step 4

Type "cd i386" and press "Enter."

Step 5

Type "dir gateway*.msi /s" and press "Enter." You'll see a list of all the directories that contain a .msi file that begin with the word "gateway." The one you're looking for will look something like this:

Directory of D:\i386\Apps\App###

06/25/2010 13:04 368,660 Gateway Recovery Center Installer.msi 1 File(s) 368,660 bytes

Take note of the "App###"; it will list a number. You want to copy this directory down for the following steps, as it contains the installer file for the Gateway Recovery Center.

Step 6

Type in "cd apps\app###" without quotes, replacing the "###" with the one you obtained in the previous steps.

Step 7

Type in

"Gateway Recovery Center installer.msi"

with quotes this time, and press "Enter." This will start the installer; follow the on-screen instructions to finish the process.

Step 8

Access the program by opening your "Start" menu, selecting "Programs" or "All Programs" and then opening the "Gateway Recovery Center" folder.