How to Install a Garmin Nuvi

By David Chandler

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GPS (global positioning system) navigation has become a common tool for drivers. The reliability and ease of use of the Garmin Nuvi line of GPS makes them a popular choice. The Garmin Nuvi includes the items needed for installation of the unit to either the windshield or dashboard of the vehicle. After installation, the Nuvi can guide the driver to any desired destination.

Step 1

Select the location on the windshield or dashboard on which you want to mount the Nuvi. Clean and dry this area to provide a clean, smooth surface for the Nuvi to adhere.

Step 2

Assemble the mounting bracket by snapping the cradle that holds the Nuvi onto the suction-cup arm.

Step 3

Remove the clear plastic covering the suction cup and attach to the surface where you want the Nuvi situated. For dashboard attachment, place the adhesive disk on the surface and attach the suction cup to the disk. For windshield attachment, place the suction cup directly on the cleaned surface of the windshield, and then flip the lever at the base of the suction cup.

Step 4

Connect the vehicle power cable to the Nuvi.

Step 5

Snap the Nuvi into the cradle by placing the bottom of the Nuvi into the cradle and rotating the Nuvi upward until the top of the Nuvi snaps into the bracket.

Step 6

Connect the other end of the vehicle power cable to the vehicle’s power outlet.

Step 7

Turn the Nuvi on by sliding the power key to the left. Do this in an open area to allow the Nuvi to connect with the satellites.