How to Install a Game on a PSP Portable Memory Card

By Jaime Avelar

Storing games on a portable memory card can free up precious system memory on your PlayStation device. A portable memory card, also called a memory stick, allows you to save games, music and videos for later use on your PSP. The amount of data you can save depends on the size of your memory card. Games can be downloaded directly to your memory card from the PlayStation Store. The store offers a wide variety of products including game titles, demos, wallpapers and software products.

Step 1

Inspect your portable memory card and make sure it is inserted properly in your PSP system. Check the available space on the card by selecting "Game" from the home menu. Highlight "Memory Stick" and the space remaining will be displayed on the screen as "Free Space."

Step 2

Connect your PSP system to the Internet using a wireless access point or hot spot. Navigate to the PlayStation Store (see Resources) to search for a game you want to download and install.

Step 3

Select the item you want to download and then click "Add to Cart." Click "View Cart" to display the item in your shopping cart. Click "Proceed to Checkout" to display the purchase confirmation page. Click "Confirm Purchase" and select the item to download.

Click "Download" to start downloading the game directly to your portable memory card. Once the download is complete, you are ready to enjoy your new game.