How to Install a Game on a PC

by Contributor

Installing a new computer game onto your PC is a matter of following the instructions provided when you purchased the game. But by following the pop-up instructions that appear when you open your new game, you can usually install it without having to read the manual.

Step 1

Open the computer game, and remove the installation discs. Most games will come with several discs to install before you can begin to play.

Step 2

Insert the first disc. Your computer will recognize it and begin to the process for you.

Step 3

Follow along with the pop-up dialog boxes that appear during the process of installation. You'll be asked a variety of questions, such as where on the computer you want the game to be installed. You'll also be prompted to insert the next disc at the proper time.

Complete the process, and make sure you store all of the game discs together and in a safe place. This is critical to re-install the game on a different computer if you upgrade or to replace it if your system crashes, and it's lost.

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