How to Install Flexisign Pro 7.5

By Ann Sofer

If you are an advertiser or someone who loves creating banners and images on your computer, you may be familiar with Flexisign Pro. This software packages aids most designers in creating the most attractive banners and signs for advertising and other purposes.

Check if your computer has all the necessary system requirements prior to installing Flexisign Pro 7.5. You need to have 1GB RAM, 400MB install space and 4GB working disk space. The program only works on Widows Vista, XP and 2003 servers.

Run the setup file for Flexisign Pro 7.5 and follow the instructions on the installation wizard to setup the program.

Load new fonts onto your Flexisign Pro 7.5 application by clicking on the "Start" button and accessing the "Control Panel." Go to the "Fonts" page for the Control Panel and click on "File" then "Install New Font." Select the fonts that you wish to install on your Flexisign Pro 7.5 from your downloaded set and click "OK."

Launch the "Preference Manager" of your computer to save the factory defaults of the program. This will allow you to save the original settings of the software including its setup properties and application preferences. Click on the Start button of your PC and type "Preference Manager" in the search box to launch the application.

Click "Save" to save the factory defaults of the program before running the software.