How to Install Macromedia Flash Player 7 or Higher

by Curt Lanning

Used for a variety of online content, Flash Player is a virtual necessity if you plan to use the Internet. It was originally made by a company called Macromedia, but this company has since been bought out by Adobe (the makers of the popular image-editing software known as Photoshop). Some Internet browsers don't support the most updated versions of Flash Player, so you may only be able to install Flash Player 7 on those.

Navigate to Adobe's Flash update website (See Resources).

Wait for Adobe's website to automatically detect what operating system and web browser you're using and provide you with a download link for the right Flash Player download.

Click the "Agree and install now" button and Adobe will download your new updated Flash Player.

Close your web browser when prompted after the download. Wait for Flash to update your existing Flash Player to version 7 or above (or if this is your first time installing flash, wait for it to install Flash Player 7 or above).

Reopen your web browser after Flash finishes installing.

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