How to Install Flash Player 7

by Ana Chandler

Although Adobe recommends the newest version of Flash Player, some developers use older versions like Flash Player 7 to test their software or website. You can download older versions of Flash Player 7 off the Adobe website to use for any reason.

Uninstall your current Adobe Flash Player if it is currently installed on your computer. Do this by clicking "Start > Control Panel > Programs and Features." Highlight Adobe Flash Player and click "Uninstall." Restart if you are prompted to do so.

Navigate to the Adobe Flash Player archived Flash Player versions (see Resources) and find "Flash Player 7" on the list. Click to download. Save the file to an easily retrieved location and click "OK."

Open the Flash Player 7 file. You will see several folders. Click "r73" for the most recent build of Flash Player 7. Find the file in "r73" that corresponds to your operating system. There are installation files for PC, Mac or Linux.

Click "Run" when the security window comes up and click "Next" during the Flash Player 7 installation wizard. Click "Finish" when it is complete.


  • check It is possible to switch between Flash Player versions. For more information, see Resources.


  • close Adobe no longer supports older versions of Flash Player. Use older versions at your own risk.

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