How do I Install Fiber Optic Cable to a TV?

By Blaze Johnson

Your subwoofer needs the right size box.
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Digital optical cables, also referred to as TOSLINK cables, feature a fiber optic core, designed to transmit digital audio formats. TOSLINK cables may offer superior sound quality improvements over analog connections. Certain televisions on the market include several audio connection options, designed to meet the specific needs of the customer when setting up a home theater system. Connecting a TOSLINK fiber optic cable to your television is an easy task that does not require any special tools or technical knowledge.

Step 1

Turn off the television and input device.

Step 2

Gain access to the rear of the television and input device.

Step 3

Remove the protective cap from one end of the TOSLINK cable and locate the small "TOSLINK OUT" jack, found at the rear of the television. Insert the exposed TOSLINK cable end to the "TOSLINK OUT" jack. Make sure to align the small nub on the cable with the notch on the television's output jack before insertion.

Step 4

Remove the protective cap from the remaining end of the TOSLINK cable. Insert the cable end into the input device's "TOSLINK IN" jack.

Step 5

Turn on the television and input device. Browse the television's audio setup menu; choose the "SPDIF OUT/TOSLINK OUT" audio output option and save the settings.

Step 6

Select the appropriate input selection source for the external sound device. Adjust the volume and sound settings to complete the setup process, if necessary.