How to Install an External DVD Burner

by Quinten Plummer

Using an external DVD burner give you both mobility and flexibility. Taking only a minute or two to install, external DVD burners make it easy to move your drive from computer to another. And there's none of the hassle associated with installing an internal drive--like case removal or finding an internal bay.

Insert the installation CD for your external drive into your current CD or DVD-ROM drive. If you don't have the installation CD, you'll need to download the official drivers from your DVD burner's manufacturer. Go to the manufacturer's website and download the drivers from the "Support" page.

Follow the prompts from the installation menu to install the drivers. Only install the drivers for now.

Connect the power adapter to the DC power located on the back of the DVD burner. Insert the round tip of the cable stemming from the transformer of the power supply.

Locate the power port on the back of the transformer, and plug the dual-pin power cord into it. Plug the other end of the power cord into a wall outlet.

Connect the drive to your computer with either the USB 2.0 cable or the IEEE1594 (Firewire)cable--each cable will be labeled. Firewire is the preferred method of most users because of its superior speed and constant connection.

Plug one end of the selected cable into the port labeled with the cable's name on the back of the DVD burner. Plug the other end into the matching port on your computer.

Flip the power switch on the back of the burner to turn it on. Your computer will locate the drivers that were installed earlier, and will finalize the installation of your drive.

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