How to Install Drivers for the Gigaware Webcam

By William Hirsch

Install drivers for a Gigaware webcam using tools native to Windows.
i tower computer image by Albo from

A computer's hardware devices either plug into the internal circuit board, called a motherboard, or into the exterior of the machine through a port. Examples include an interior sound card and an exterior camera, known as a webcam. No matter what the hardware device's function, a set of files called drivers must be used. Drivers allow a device to interact with the other components installed on the PC. The Gigaware webcam plugs into a USB port and allows you to chat with friends and family through video.

Click the "Start" button located in the corner of the Windows XP desktop to launch the Start menu. Right-click on the "My Computer" icon and select "Properties" from the list that appears. The "System Properties" window opens.

Click the "Hardware" tab within the "System Properties" window and press the "Device Manager" button. The "Device Manager" window opens, displaying a list of devices installed on the computer and arranged into groups according to what function they serve.

Click the "Universal Serial Bus Controllers" option, followed by clicking on the name of the Gigaware webcam to open a "Device Properties" window.

Click the "Driver" tab and then press the "Update Driver" button. The Windows "Hardware Update Wizard" starts. Click "Yes, This Time Only," followed by "Next."

Click the "Install the Software Automatically" option and then the "Next" button. Windows locates the newest driver for the webcam and installs it for you.