How to Install Microsoft Document Image Writer Printer

By Meaghan Ellis

The Microsoft Document Image Writer Printer was created for the production of duplicated documents through a virtual scanning process, in order to convert them to digital imaging and file extensions. This component is an amenity featured in the Microsoft Office Software suite. This program allows individuals to produce professional quality documents, with high resolution. Installing this device is just as easy operating it. It is user-friendly, easy to operate, and functional for terms of usage. These instructions will show you exactly how to install this printing device quickly and easily.

Open your computer's Control Panel. Click on the "Start" menu icon and locate the "Control Panel" tab. Click on this folder tab and change the Control Panel's view setting to "Control Panel Home" in the top left corner of its screen. Click on the "Programs" link that will be listed as a thumbnail icon, then click the "Programs and Features" subtopic link within the menu.

Locate your Microsoft Office folder listed in the table of your computer's installed programs. The printer is an extension of this software suite. Highlight this folder and click "Change" in the top navigation menu, above all of your listed programs. Your Microsoft Office update portal will appear with a list of command actions you can choose from regarding this program. Click on the radio button next to the "Add or Remove Features" option, and click "Continue" at the bottom of the portal.

Choose the advanced configuration option that will appear at the bottom of the following portal screen. This option will read "Choose Advanced Customization of Applications." Click "Next" to advance to the next page. Change your Microsoft Office settings by clicking on the "+" sign, listed under your Office Tools.

Select the "Microsoft Document Image Writer Printer" icon that will be listed under the available programs. Only click on the icon once, and select the "Update" option that will now be highlighted below the list. The printer will now have a permanent icon on your computer's desktop screen. Right-click on this icon and select "Run from My Computer," which will be listed in the icon's drop box menu. When the printer's portal opens, you will see the printer's preferences and properties. Click on the "Update" option to configure the printer's new settings.