How to Install a Dish Network HD Dish

By Billy Kirk

Your hemisphere location will determine where you point your dish.
i Satellite TV image by Bryan Crowe from

A Dish Network HD dish provides high-definition quality satellite programming to your home. Installation can appear daunting, but you don't have to shell out the extra cash for installation fees. Instead, you can handle the task yourself as long as you have a friend as an assistant. You can mount the dish, hook up the satellite receiver and make appropriate dish alignment corrections using nothing more than a drill and either a component video cable or HDMI cable for receiver installation.

Find a mounting area for your Dish Network HD dish that is free of debris. Make sure there is a flat mounting area for the dish. Place the dish on the mounting area so that its base is flush with the surface below it. Drill the included dish bolts into the bolt holes on the base to secure the satellite dish in place.

Point the Dish Network HD dish to the general southern sky above if you are located in the northern hemisphere. If you are in the southern hemisphere, point the dish to the northern sky.

Run the coaxial cable that comes out of the back of your dish's mast down inside to your satellite receiver, which should reside beside your TV set. Plug the coaxial cable into the "ANT IN" port on the back of the receiver.

Connect the receiver to the TV set. You can use component video cables to do so or HMDI. The component video cables are blue, green and red and match up with like-colored ports on the back of the receiver and your TV. You will also need to use an audio RCA cable for audio. This has two sets of white and red prongs, one set that plugs into the white and red RCA audio ports on the back of your receiver and the other set that plugs into the same colored ports on the back of your TV. Alternatively, you can use an HDMI cable instead of the component cables for your connection. To use an HDMI, simply plug it into the "HDMI" labeled ports on your receiver and TV.

Power on the TV and receiver. Select the "Signal Meter Screen" option from the menu and return to the dish outside. Have your friend wait by the meter screen.

Change the elevation (up/down) alignment of the Dish Network HD dish gradually. After each adjustment, wait five to 10 seconds for your friend to call up from the meter screen. The meter screen reads your adjustments as you make them and reports how close you are to setting your dish to the right coordinates. Make further adjustments based on the signal meter screen's guidance.

Change the azimuth (left/right) alignment of the Dish Network HD dish like you did the elevation. Make adjustments based on signal meter screen reports until the signal meter screen shows that all coordinates have been properly reached. Your installation is finished.