How to Install Dish Network

By Diane Dilov-Schultheis

You can install a Dish Network satellite system into your home without a lot of trouble. You can do this yourself or have it done professionally. There are a few things you will need to complete this task, depending on which approach you take. If you install dish network yourself, you will need a few tools and a little spare time.

Contact Dish Network directly to get satellite service (see Resources below). The quickest and easiest way to install Dish Network is to have a professional installation. Get in touch with them to set up an installation appointment. You could also find a local dealer in your phone book. If you want to install Dish Network yourself, go to Step 2.

Do a survey of your property. You must have an unobstructed view of the southern sky (use compass). The signal is received at an angle, so check the area coming down from the southern direction for any obstacles such as trees, buildings or other objects. Find a location where you can securely mount your dish. Purchase all items needed.

Install the satellite dish. Access the precise angles needed to setup the dish (see Resources below). Assemble it according to these settings (skew and azimuth). Connect a cable to the dish and mount it level on a building or pole (use cement). Make sure the dish is connected securely and is grounded. Run a direct line of cable from the satellite dish to the location of the receiver.

Connect the receiver to the television and turn both on. Select “Menu,” “System Setup” along with “Installation.” Select “Check Switch" plus “Check” and “OK” to view the satellite signal. Place a checkmark on satellite 119 and use transponder 11. You need to know what the signal is as you adjust the dish. You can have someone watch it and tell you what it is; you can watch it (if you can see it from the dishes location) or you can listen to the sound emitted from the receiver that various according to the signals strength.

Align your satellite dish. Loosen the bolts holding the dish on the mount to allow you to move it from side to side to locate the exact location needed (azimuth) to pickup the satellite signal. Rotate the dish gradually until the receiver picks up a signal. Dish Networks signal can go as high as 125, but a number as low as 75 will work. The higher the amount is the less likely you will have trouble during increment weather. Once a signal is locked in, tighten all bolts on the satellite dish.

Finish the Dish Network installation. Do another “Check Switch” and then keep hitting “Cancel” to exit the System Setup menu. Call Dish Network to select a package to begin receiving their satellite programming.