How to Install a Device Driver

by Randall Shatto

A device driver is software that your computer components use to function correctly. These include motherboard, printer and video cards. Your IDE hard drives, CD/DVD ROMS or processor does not require a driver to perform properly. If you reinstall your operating system or upgrade, some devices will need a drive. It is important to have all driver disks or download the drivers before changing operating systems. In addition, a virus or errors in the operating system may corrupt your components. Installing a device driver is a necessary task.

Downloaded Driver

Download your specific driver from Lost My Drivers, Drivers and Software Downloads or Open Drivers. Save the file in a "New" folder.

Double-click on the download file. The install process will begin. Follow any online instructions including accepting user agreements and choosing the install folder.

Click "Yes" if a prompt appears to reboot the PC. Save all work before clicking "Yes." If you are not, restart the computer manually.

Driver Disk

Place the driver disk in your CD/DVD ROM. An automatic window should appear. If not, click on "My Computer." Then double-click on your CD/DVD ROM drive. Select the "Setup" or "Install" file.

Click on the "Install Driver" or "Setup (Device) Driver" option. Some driver disks display a new window while others begin the install process automatically.

Answer any questions about your drive during the install process. Save all applications open as you may have a prompt asking to "Reboot." Click the "Yes" tab when you finish. Regardless of the prompt, restart the PC.


  • check Always run an adware, spyware and virus program when you view or download files from unknown websites. Obtain the disk for the device driver you are about to install. If you do not have the disk for any reason, download it. You will need to know the manufacturer or model number of the device. Usually, this information is on the component if you do not have a manual.


  • close Never use a "Scan Driver" or "Scan Disk" link or program to automatically find drivers. This can harm your PC.

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