How to Install Microsoft Ole DB Provider for SQL Server

By Theon Weber

Microsoft Ole DB Provider helps software developers write applications for use with certain aspects of computer networks.
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Microsoft's OLE DB Provider is an optional addition to the Microsoft SQL Server software, which is designed for software developers to write applications allowing clients connected to an SQL server to access and browse the metadata and query data stored by Microsoft SQL Server. It is not installed by default along with the basic SQL Server install, and must be downloaded separately from Microsoft's website. Microsoft maintains downloads for versions of OLE DB designed for both SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008.

Step 1

Go to the appropriate Microsoft download page linked in "References."

Step 2

Scroll down the page until you find the section headed "Microsoft Core XML Services." It's about halfway down the 2008 page and near the top of the 2005 page. Click the download link, and run the downloaded file.

Step 3

Search on the same page for the section headed "Microsoft SQL Server [2005/2008] Analysis Services [9.0/10.0] OLE DB Provider." It's near the top of the 2008 page and about halfway down the 2005 page. There will be three download links-"X86 Package" for 32-bit versions of Windows, "X64 Package" for 64-bit versions, and "IA64 Package" for Intel Itanium versions. Download the appropriate version and run the downloaded file to install Ole DB Provider.