How to Install a Daisy Wheel on a Brother Typewriter

By Thomas West

Brother is an Japanese company that manufactures typewriters. Brother developed the daisy wheel for its electronic typewriters and printers in the 1970s. The daisy wheel is an interchangeable part that has characters stamped into the outer edge of the wheel. While you type, the wheel rotates as certain characters are needed and the image is printed. If a different type, font or character is needed, the daisy wheel can be changed to accommodate this.

Raise the cover on the top of the machine.

Locate the top of the daisy wheel cartridge near the front of the ribbon cartridge.

Pull the release lever on the right side of the daisy wheel cartridge back toward you.

Pull straight up on the daisy wheel cartridge by the protruding tab on the right side of the cartridge and remove the cartridge from the machine.

Push a replacement daisy wheel cartridge into the slot, making sure the tab is on the top-right corner.

Push the release lever forward firmly until it locks into place. Close the cover.