How to Install Cursor Mania

By Kimbry Parker

CursorMania is a free downloadable software program for Windows computers that lets you access more than 7,000 custom cursors. The collection includes cursors based on themes such as holidays, sports and patriotic symbols. These cursors can make browsing the web more colorful, whimsical and personalized. With the program's toolbar added to your web browser, you can take advantage of other CursorMania features such as smileys, e-cards, screensavers, avatars and a search box.

Go to to access the CursorMania website.

Read the "End User License Agreement" by clicking on that link on the CursorMania homepage. A new web page will appear. Close this page when done with the agreement. This will take you back to the CursorMania homepage.

Click on "Click here to start" near the center of the page.

Click on the yellow bar that runs along the top of the page if prompted. Scroll down and select "Install Active X Control." Click to download the program.

Choose the "Save File" option when the box appears in the middle of the screen.

Double-click the blue box with the CursorMania icon along the top of the screen. If there is no blue box, go to your Windows desktop and click the CursorMania icon to continue the installation.

Click "OK" when the security warning pops up to finish installing CursorMania. (This warning is advising you that CursorMania is an executable file and might contain viruses or other harmful data.)

Select "Run" from the box that appears a few seconds after you complete Step 7.

Read and accept the license agreement that appears on the page to continue installing CursorMania.

Click the "Finish" button on the next box that pops up to complete installation of CursorMania.

Restart your computer. Launch your browser program and double-click the CursorMania icon in the toolbar to begin choosing cursors.