How to Install cURL in cPanel

By Chad Stein

Client URL, or cURL, is a computer client that allows users to get files from a server that utilizes FTP, HTTP, HTTPS and GOPHER protocols. It was written in the PHP programming language. Installing it in cPanel is quite simple, despite appearing confusing to new computer users.

Step 1

Log into your cPanel account by typing, replacing "YOURDOMAIN" with the actual domain you own.

Step 2

Select the "WHM" or "Web Host Manager" icon from the displayed panel and then click "Main" then "Software" and then "Apache Update."

Step 3

Click on the "Start customizing based on profile" option and wait for the next screen to appear.

Step 4

Choose the "Apache Version" from the list of options and press the "Next" button. Continue by clicking the "PHP Major" option and then click "Next" again. On the next screen choose the "PHP Minor" option and press "Next" one more time.

Step 5

Click the "Exhaustive Options List" from the next "Short Options List" that appears. Select the "cURL" option to install cURL on your server.

Step 6

Press the "Save & Build" button to start the compilation process and wait for cURL to fully install.