How to Install New Fonts in Corel Paint Shop Pro

By Ty Arthur

Install New Fonts in Corel Paint Shop Pro
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The Corel Paint Shop Pro program allows you to edit photographs, images you have downloaded from the Internet or even your own custom-made pictures. Although the program comes with an extensive list of fonts, you may want to use a specific font in your images that you have found online. The Paint Shop Pro program pulls fonts directly from your normal fonts location so you only have to add them to the appropriate folder on your computer's hard drive.

Close the Paint Shop Pro program completely by clicking on the "X" icon on the top right side of the screen or by clicking on the "File" toolbar and then choosing the "Close" option from the drop-down menu.

Open your Web browser and navigate to a website that offers new fonts (see Resources below). Click on the download link for the font that you want; then wait for the file to save to your hard drive. Navigate to the location on your computer where your downloaded files are saved. Right click on the "zip" or "rar" file that you downloaded and then choose the option to "Extract here" from the menu that will pop up. Download and install an extraction program such as WinZip if that option does not appear in the menu (see Resources below) so that you can extract the font file.

The Fonts Button

Leave the window open and then click on the "Start" button located at the left side of the toolbar at the bottom of your desktop. Click on the button that says "Control Panel." Scroll down through the list of options and then click on the icon with a picture of a large letter that says "Fonts."

Click on the first window you already had open. Click on the font file that you extracted and drag it over to the "Fonts" folder in the other window.

Close both windows and then open the Corel Paint Shop Pro program by double-clicking on its desktop icon. Click on the "Fonts" button at the top toolbar and then scroll through the fonts to make sure your new font is showing up.