How to Install Corded Headphones on a Sony Bravia

By Steve Lander

With an external amplifier, any Bravia TV works with headphones.
i Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images

While Sony Bravia televisions frequently have good quality built-in speakers with high powered amplifiers, it is sometimes more appropriate to enjoy them quietly with headphones. While many Bravia televisions do not have a stereo mini jack connection for headphones, they do offer an analog audio output. An external headphone amplifier connects to the Bravia's output, amplifying the line level signal to work with headphones. It also gives you a volume control for your headphones.

If your Bravia TV has an audio mini-jack output, you can just connect your headphones to it. Audio mini-jacks are connections that accept a 3.5-mm plug, like the one on most portable headphones.

Step 1

Press the "Power" buttons on your Sony Bravia TV and your headphone amplifier to turn them off.

Step 2

Unplug your headphones from your headphone amplifier.

Step 3

Connect the red and white phono plugs on the Y-adapter to your Bravia's audio output, usually located on its rear panel. The output will be labeled "Audio Out" and the left channel will be marked with an "L" and color-coded white while the right channel will be marked with and "R" and color-coded red.

Step 4

Connect the mini-plug on the other end of the adapter to the audio input on your headphone amplifier.

Step 5

Press your Bravia television's "Power" button to turn it on and tune it to a show that you want to watch.

Step 6

Press the "Volume Down" button repeatedly to turn your Bravia's volume all the way down.

Step 7

Turn your headphone amplifier's volume all the way down by holding down its "Down Volume" button or rotating its volume knob.

Step 8

Plug your headphones into your headphone amplifier's headphone output.

Step 9

Increase the volume on your headphone amplifier gradually until you reach your desired volume.