How to Install Directx Compatible Display Adapter 8

by Joshua Laud

Certain games require you to use DirectX. DirectX is a software graphics driver technology that assists your video graphics card and processor so they perform at an optimum level. There have been various revisions of DirectX released. If you are required to install a "DirectX Compatible Display Adapter 8" then you need to get version 8 of DirectX. Each graphics card is only compatible with some DirectX versions, however, and so older graphics cards released much before version 8 will be incompatible. DirectX 8 was released in 2000.


Download DirectX 8 (see Resources).


Double-click the directx80a.exe file once it has downloaded.


Complete the onscreen instructions to complete setup. If there are any errors during setup then it is likely your hardware is not compatible with DirectX. You will have to upgrade your hard drive.

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