How to Install a Comcast Digital Voice Unit

By Tricia Goss

Set up your Comcast voice and Internet service without waiting for a tech.
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XFINITY Voice is the digital voice service offered by Comcast, for which Comcast offers a self-installation kit so you don't have to wait for a service technician to come set up your telephone service. Before installing your Voice unit, you must first install your Internet service kit. Once you have installed the entire kit, you can activate your service and start using your digital telephone service.

Step 1

Connect one end of the coax cable included in your kit to the cable wall outlet by twisting it onto the outlet in a clockwise motion. Connect the other end of the cable to the "Cable/RF In" outlet on the XFINITY Digital Internet and Voice modem included in your setup kit.

Step 2

Plug one end of the Ethernet cable included in your kit into the "Ethernet" port on your computer, and then plug the other end into the "Ethernet" port on the XFINITY Digital Internet and Voice modem.

Step 3

Plug your telephone's existing phone cord into the "Tel 1" connection on the modem.

Step 4

Plug the modem's power cord into a wall outlet or a surge suppressor connected to a wall outlet, and then press the "Power" button, if your modem has one.

Step 5

Wait for the modem to power on and connect. When the light labeled "Online," "Sync," "Cable" or "Ready" stops blinking and remains steadily lit -- this can take up to 10 minutes -- contact Comcast by calling the phone number provided in your kit or by visiting Comcast's Self Activation website (link in Resources) to activate your voice and Internet service.