How to Install Cell Phone Drivers

by Michelle Varsallona

Computer drivers for your cell phone allow you to connect your phone to the computer. If you did not have the drivers installed, your phone will not charge while connect, nor would you be able to sync the phone. Typically, cell phone drivers are built into the optional software that is available for the phone. The software is available for free on the Internet if you do not have a disk.

Open your Web browser and navigate to your cell phone manufacturer's website.

Open the "Support" section.

Select your phone carrier and model, if that option is available. Some manufacturer websites have a "Download" or "Software" button available immediately.

Choose to "Download" the selected software needed for your phone and install it.


  • check Be sure you are downloading the software for your computer, not phone software. That is an update for your phone's operating system (if available); you are looking for computer drivers for the phone.

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