How to Install Canon Print Cartridges

by Contributor

Canon printer cartridges, also known as Canon ink cartridges, can be installed as long as you know what type of printer cartridges you need. Where the printer cartridges need to go, how to open the computer and how to carefully install the printer cartridges, are factors that will have you printing a short time.

Purchase new printer cartridges that match the current printer cartridges in number and model.

Turn on the Canon printer.

Open the top panel of the printer. This will allow the printer cartridges to move to the center for easy access.

Remove the used printer cartridges.

Open the new cartridges and pull off the plastic tab, being careful not to touch the strip under the tab.

Insert the new cartridges in the right location. For instance, the color ink goes on a certain side, and the black ink goes on the other side. Close the front panel.

Print a test page to ensure proper installation.

Items you will need

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