How to Install Canon Pixma MP210 Printers

By Andrew Aarons

Canon released the Pixma MP210 All-in-One inkjet printer in 2004. You can use the Pixma MP210 as a standard all-in-one printing, scanning and photocopying center, or for creating prints of your digital photos. The MP210 prints a 4-by-6-inch print in under a minute on special photo paper. You can install the Pixma MP210 in just a few minutes.

Unpack the Pixma MP210 from the box and lay all of the contents out on a flat, dry surface. Open the paper output tray and lift up on the top portion of the MP210 -- the scanning unit -- until a small latch drops into place to support the scanner. Remove any protective packaging from inside the machine. Lift up on the scanning unit again to release the support latch and return it to its original position.

Connect the power cord to the back of the Pixma MP210 and plug the other end into a wall power outlet. Press the power button to turn the printer on. When the light on the power button stops flashing, open the scanner unit and put its support lever in place. The print cartridge holder moves to the center. Remove the ink cartridges from their protective packaging and take the protective tape off of each cartridge. Insert the black cartridge into the left slot and the color cartridge into the right slot. The slots are labelled "B" for black and "C" for color. Close the lid and wait for the printer to initialize the new cartridges, which takes about two minutes.

Turn the printer off. Insert the Pixma Setup CD into your computer. Click "Continue" when the User Account Control window appears, then choose "Easy Install" from the main setup window. Click "Install" to confirm the setup options, then click "Yes" to accept the license agreement.

Connect the Pixma MP210 USB cable to the back of the machine and plug the other end of the USB cable into your computer when prompted by the setup program. Turn the printer on and wait while the setup program configures it. Click "Next" to begin aligning the print heads, then click "Next" again on the "Setup Complete" screen. Register the printer now, if desired. The serial number is located inside the machine, under the scanner lid.