How to Install Bose Speakers

By Greyson Ferguson

Connect Bose speakers to your audio receiver.
i hi-fi audio system image by Pavel Losevsky from

A Bose speaker has a small projector built into it facing the opposite side of the speaker grate. This allows audio waves to bounce and then expand as they exit the speaker, giving those listening to it a fuller, crisper sound over standard speakers. Because of this, Bose speakers are more expensive than most other brands, but the installation process is the same.

Position the speakers in the desired locations. If you are using a Bose surround-sound system, place the thin, wide speaker in the center of the room (or underneath your television, for example, which would be the focal, central place where you listen to the stereo). Place the subwoofer on the floor near the receiver, the two small satellite speakers at either side of the receiver and the final two satellite speakers behind the main seating area.

Run the wires from the speakers to the back of the Bose audio receiver.

Insert the wires into the specified connection ports. If attaching the speaker in the back right corner of the room, insert the wires into the "rear right" connection port. Press down on the small plastic lever next to the connection port to lock the wires into place. Connect all remaining speakers this way, in order of their location in the room.

Power on the Bose audio receiver. You can now begin listening to any connected audio devices.