How to Install Bodybugg

By Lucosi Fuller

Bodybugg is an online fitness program that allows users to wear a digital band on their arms to monitor the calories they burn while exercising. With Bodybugg, you design a healthy diet that works in accord with the foods that you prefer, and target the areas of your body that you're not happy with by using the body parameters form. Getting started with the Bodybugg is fairly easy once you instal the software on your computer.

Windows Operating Systems

Navigate to the Bodybugg website and activate your account at Fill out each of the forms. Enter the serial number on your bodybugg band when prompted. Start a Bodybugg/myapex account and you will be sent a confirmation email that has your login information.

Log in to your Bodybugg account with your username and password.

Accept the terms and conditions.

Open Bodybugg and fill out the medical history and waiver, complete the food preferences form, and enter your body parameters. Click on "Go" to prepare the Bodybugg armband for use by following the instructions.

Download the Bodybugg installer and click on "Run" to begin the installation. Close all other windows while you install Bodybugg to your computer.

Click on "Install" and click on "Next" when the installation wizard begins.

Accept the license agreement and click "Next."

Choose the installation location (the place where you want to install Bodybugg on your computer) and click "Next."

Click on "Install" and click "Next" to allow the Bodybugg USB driver to install.

Click "Finish" to complete the installation.

Mac Operating Systems

Follow the directions given from Step 1 to Step 4 for the Windows Operating Systems.

Download the Bodybugg installer and click "Continue."

Click "Continue" again and then click "Agree" to accept the license agreement.

Choose an installation destination for the Bodybugg program and click "Continue."

Click "Install."

Enter your computer's username and password and click "OK" to authenticate the installation.

Click "Install" again.

Click "Continue Installation."

Click "Restart" to complete the installation.

Open your browser and navigate to the Bodybugg website and continue your armband registration by clicking on "Go." Then click "Next."

Plug the USB cable into your computer and into the Bodybugg armband. The USB drivers will automatically install. Click on "Register Armband" and then click on "Close" once the registration is complete and the Bodybugg armband will be ready for use.