How to Install a BenQ Monitor

By Mandy Slake

BenQ manufactures LCD monitors in a wide variety of sizes. Newer monitors use a DVI-D or HDMI input, while older monitors use VGA cables. No matter what type of video cable your computer uses, they all connect to the computer the same basic way. The cable goes from the video output port on the computer's motherboard or video card into a connection on the back of the monitor.

Lay a cloth down on a flat, stable surface and place the BenQ monitor face down on top.

Pull the stand arm away from the back of the monitor.

Push the base into the socket on the stand arm until you hear a click. Test the connection by trying to separate the base from the stand arm.

Stand the monitor up and place it on your desk.

Turn off your computer and connect the video cable to the video output on your PC. Plug the other end of the cable into the input port on the BenQ monitor. For DVI-D, D-sub or VGA cables, plug the cable in and tighten the thumbscrews on the connector. For HDMI cables, simply insert the cable into the port.

Plug in any accessory cables or modules, such as USB cables or webcams.

Insert the power cord into the power cord socket and plug the other end into the power outlet.

Turn on the monitor by pressing the "POWER" button.

Turn on the PC.