How to Install Autorun EXE

By Lysis

Creating an autorun file initiates the installation wizard for applications written for Microsoft Windows. The autorun file is installed on the CD-ROM where it is the first file run when a user inserts the disc into the computer. The file points to the appropriate installation executable on the disc. Autorun is created using a text editor and saved with the .inf extension.

Step 1

Select an icon. Icon files can be created using icon creation software, or you can use an icon found on the computer. The icon is shown on the installation CD, so it can be easily located when the user browses the disc.

Step 2

Open a text editor like Notepad. Notepad is found by clicking the Windows "Start" button, selecting "Programs" and then selecting "Accessories." From this menu, click "Notepad."

Step 3

Create an autorun section. The autorun file requires the following syntax at the first line: [autorun]

Step 4

Add the two lines of code that point to the icon selection from Step 1 and the setup.exe file of your application. The following points to an example icon and executable: [autorun] open=setup.exe icon=myIcon.ico

Step 5

Save the file with a .inf extension. This file, the setup executable, and the icon need to be saved on the root of the CD-ROM installation disc created for your application.