How to Install the AT&T Yahoo! Browser

by Joseph Wiltham

AT&T Yahoo!'s DSL service comes with a modified version of the Internet Explorer 9 browser, which offers you a quick connectivity to AT&T, Yahoo! email and Internet features. Although you do not need to subscribe to the AT&T Yahoo! DSL service to use the browser, as of 2011 you must use Windows Vista or Windows 7 to install the program.


Open your browser from the Start menu. Navigate to


Click the "Download" button next to "Internet Explorer 9 enhanced by ATT.NET."


Select whether you run a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows in the drop-down menu labeled "Select your version." Although only Windows 7 is mentioned, Windows Vista is also capable of running this version of the browser.


Click "Get Started" and save the setup file to your computer's desktop.


Double-click the downloaded file to open the browser's installer in Windows.


Review the license terms and the message regarding the customized content and settings from Yahoo. Click "Install" if you accept these terms to begin installing the browser automatically.


Restart your computer, when prompted, to complete the installation.


  • Download Internet Explorer 9 from Windows Update to receive a version without AT&T Yahoo! branding, shortcuts and toolbars.

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