How to Install an Antenna Mast

By Laurie Brown

TV antenna attached to a mast
i Rooftop Television Antenna image by ryasick from

An antenna mast is used to elevate and secure an antenna at a higher location to help improve the antenna's ability to receive signals. One of the most common ways to install an antenna mast is to use wall mounts that attach to the side of your home and secure the mast in its vertical position. Antenna masts also come in various lengths, with telescoping ability to make it easier to raise and lower the antenna.

Find an area to mount the antenna that is close to the TV.

Measure up from the ground and mark 8 feet on the side of the wall. Hold a bracket over this mark and use chalk to mark where the mounting holes are against the wall. Drill a 1/4-inch pilot hole for each mounting hole. Insert a screw into each hole and tighten the bracket to the wall. Use a wood drill bit for a wood exterior wall or a masonry drill bit for a brick or block exterior wall.

Measure down 4 feet from the top bracket and make a mark. Tie the plumb bob in the center of the top bracket. Line up the center of the second bracket with the plumb bob, and use the chalk to mark the mounting holes on the wall. This will ensure the mast is perfectly vertical as you complete the project.

Drill a 1/4-inch pilot hole at each mark for the second bracket. Insert a screw into each hole of the second bracket and tighten it to the wall, using the screwdriver.

Raise the antenna mast to its vertical position. Push the mast into the end of each of the brackets. Using the screwdriver, tighten down the pre-installed clamps on the ends of the brackets to secure the mast in position. Ensure each screw on the clamps and wall brackets are snug tight.

Follow the manufacturer guidelines for your particular model antenna on how to properly attach the antenna to the mast.