How to Install the Amon-Ra Recovery Tool

By Joshua Laud

If your Android-based mobile phone has broken or stopped working properly, then you may need to recover the software. In this case yo can use the Amon Ra recovery tool to resolve your Android issues. The Amon Ra recovery tool requires you to install the Android SDK to your phone. Depending on whether you have a Google or Magic brand phone will require you to do a different method. The Amon Ra recovery tool is to be used in Linux operating systems.

Step 1

Download the Android SDK (see Resources). Double-click the downloaded SDK to install the application to your computer. Download the "Fastboot binary" and extract it to the "tools" folder inside the SDK directory.

Step 2

Navigate, on your phone, to "Settings," then "Applications," then "Development," then "USB Debugging."

Step 3

Connect your Android smart phone to your computer via USB. Open your Linux Terminal. This is typically launched from the "System" menu, but will differ depending on your Linux distribution.

Step 4

Use the "cd" command to navigate to your SDK directory. For example if you extracted it to "/user/sdk," type "cd /user/sdk" (without the quotes) and press "Enter."

Step 5

Type "sudo ./adb" and press "Enter." Enter your password and press "Enter." Type "./adb devices" and press "Enter."

Step 6

Download the Amon Ra Recovery Tool for either Magic or Google (see Resources). Save this in the "tools" folder.

Step 7

Switch your phone off. Turn it back on while holding the "Go Back" key at the same time.

Step 8

Paste, into the Linux Terminal, the following code:

./fastboot boot recovery-RAv1.1.1H.img OR $ ./fastboot boot recovery-RAv1.1.1G.img

Wait a few minutes while the image recovery boots.

Step 9

Type the following code once the progress bar is complete:

./adb shell mount -a

Step 10

Ignore the error messages that occur and then paste the following code in:

./adb push recovery-RAv1.1.1H.img /system/recovery.img $ ./adb push recovery-RAv1.1.1H.img /sdcard/recovery-RAv1.1.1H.img $ ./adb shell flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery-RAv1.1.1H.img

Step 11

Reboot your phone again this time without holding a key to start up normally. If you want to enter System recovery, then hold the "HOME" key down as you do.