How to Install Rear Speakers in a Pontiac Grand Am GT Monsoon System

By Nichole Liandi

The Pontiac Grand Am GT compact was a popular small sports sedan in the Pontiac lineup through the early 2000s. Some models of the Grand Am featured the "Monsoon" sound system, an upgraded factory stereo. Some audio enthusiasts like to take the sound of this system even further by replacing the factory speakers with aftermarket models. The Monsoon system presents no technical obstacles to this -- it's simply a matter of taking out the old speakers and replacing them with new ones.

Open the trunk of the car. Pull on the seat straps at the top of the back of the seat to lower the backseat cushions and give you access to the rear deck.

From the backseat of the car, pry out four retaining clips on the front edge of the rear deck trim. The clips will have round plastic "buttons" on the front of them. When the clips are out, remove the trim panel that they were holding in place by grasping it and pulling it away from the rear deck panel.

Pull the rear deck panel toward you and slide it out of the car. This will expose the speakers.

Release the plastic clips holding the speakers in place and pull the speakers out toward you. Unhook the speaker wire connectors from the speakers. The connectors are simple plugs -- disconnect them by pulling them away from the speaker, much like unplugging a plug in a wall socket.

Cut off the connectors with your wire cutters and install quick slide connectors of the proper size to fit your new speakers onto the wire ends. The wire with the stripe will be the negative lead for each speakers. To install the quick slide connectors, strip the ends of the wire, slide the connector onto the bare wire and crimp the connector tightly onto the wire.

Connect the new speakers to the wires by sliding the quick slide connectors over the terminals of the speaker. Put the speakers into the openings, clipping them in place with the plastic clips. This is just like removing the original speakers only done in reverse. Test the speakers to be sure you're hearing sound through them, and then reassemble the interior.