How to Install AlternaTIFF ActiveX

by Josh Baum

AlternaTIFF is a popular freeware utility for browser-based viewing of TIFF files. But if you want AlternaTIFF to work in Internet Explorer, you will also need to install a free ActiveX control before it will function properly. To use AlternaTIFF with any browser other than Internet Explorer, you will need to download and install an executable file from the software publisher.

Installing the ActiveX Controller in Internet Explorer

Open Internet Explorer and navigate to the AlternaTIFF website (see Resources).

Follow the link to the auto-install page for the ActiveX control.

Wait for the auto-install page to fully load, and watch for a pop-up bar at the top of the window that says Internet Explorer would like to install the plug-in for AlternaTIFF. Click the bar to initiate the installation of the ActiveX control.

Restart your Internet Explorer browser window once the ActiveX control has concluded installation.

Installing AlternaTIFF with Other Browsers

Open your default Web browser and navigate to the AlternaTIFF website (see Resources).

Locate the AlternaTIFF installation instructions for browsers other than Internet Explorer. There should be a download link for an .exe file with these instructions; click the link and download the file.

Open the file once it has been completely downloaded and follow the on-screen instructions to install the alternative plug-in. You may be asked to shut down your default browser while the plug-in installs.

Open or restart your default browser following installation for the results to take effect.


  • close AlternaTIFF has been known to have various conflicts with QuickTime software, as QuickTime has its own built-in TIFF viewer. Each specific type of conflict has its own unique solution, and they're all detailed on the AlternaTIFF Web site.

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