How to Install Adobe Reader on Windows Vista

By Editorial Team

Updated July 21, 2017

Windows Vista, Microsoft's latest operating system, offers all of the best features available in Windows XP and then some. Your most important tasks can all be handled within the Windows Vista environment. The PDF file has become a major source of documentation on any operating system, offering easy viewing of electronically printed materials. Using Acrobat Reader on Windows Vista, you can read and use PDFs on the Internet.

Download Acrobat Reader

Proceed to the Adobe Reader website (see Resources below).

Click the "Download Adobe Reader" link.

Select the destination directory for your download. By default, Windows Vista will download files to a Temp directory, so you may want to set it to download to the desktop so it is easier to find.

Click "OK" to allow the download to begin.

Install Acrobat Reader on Windows Vista

Double-click the executable that you downloaded to begin the install process.

Click "Next" on the install file's introductory screen to proceed to the End-User License Agreement.

Click on the "Accept User Agreement" button, followed by "Next." This indicates that you have read the User Agreement and are ready to install Adobe Reader.

Choose the directory in which you wish to install Adobe Reader. By default Adobe Reader will install to the "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader" directory, but you can change that by clicking "Browse" and choosing a different directory path.

Click "Next" once you've chosen the installation path you wish to use. This will begin the installation process.

Click "Finish" once you have completed installing Adobe Reader. This will close the installation program and return you to the desktop.

Upgrade your version of Adobe Reader by starting it (click Start, All Programs, "Adobe," and then "Reader") and waiting for the Reader to auto-detect its version number. It will then contact the Adobe web site to verify it is the latest version. If it isn't then it will prompt you to upgrade to the latest available version. The update installs automatically without additional input.


Consider purchasing the full version of Adobe Reader, known as Adobe Acrobat. Acrobat offers a full range of features and functions like custom bookmarking, .pdf editing and hypertext linking.


Be careful about downloading any program, even Adobe Reader, from a source you do not trust. Some malicious PC users place viruses inside executable files--even those with trustworthy names like Adobe Reader. Always run a virus scan, or only open executables from sources you know are legitimate.

Items you will need

  • Windows Vista

  • Adobe Reader