How to Install Adobe Photoshop 7.0.1

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Adobe PhotoShop 7.0.1 is one of the older versions of this design platform. The program is used for the purposes of dynamic photo editing and graphic manipulation. Installing the program requires the configuration of the program's software drivers and registry entries in order for it be completely functional. The installation process only takes a couple of minutes, as it does not require any technical support or experience. You simply need to follow the installation prompts and instructions to complete the process without any complication.

Step 1

Close any programs or applications that may be currently running on the computer. Save any open documents that may also be open to avoid losing work during the installation process.

Step 2

Insert the Adobe PhotoShop 7.0 software installation disc into your CD-ROM drive. Allow the computer to run and detect the installation disc. Upon detection, the Adobe PhotoShop 7.0 Setup Welcome Screen will load.

Step 3

Click "Next" on the Warning screen that will open after the Setup Welcome Screen redirects.

Step 4

Select the radio button that applies to your personal status and ownership of the program, whether it be Individual or business.

Step 5

Type your title or salutation, first and last name, and company name (if any), in the User Information window's designated data forms.

Step 6

Enter the serial number 24 digit serial code in the six blank data form boxes at the bottom of the User Information window. Click "Next" to advance to the File Association settings.

Step 7

Click the "All to PS" and "All to IR", which indicates that PhotoShop 7.0. supports all file types, and click "Next" to begin installing and copying the software's files, functions, and components to your computer's hard drive.

Step 8

Click the "OK" button in the pop-up window that will appear to conclude the installation process.

Restart your computer, and remove the Adobe PhotoShop 7.0.1 installation disc from the computer's CD-ROM drive.


  • Your computer must meet the recommended specifications and system requirements needed to successfully run the program. Otherwise, it may not install correctly. As a result, frequent screen freezing, response errors, or color resolution irregularities may occur, when it is accessed on your computer. (See the Adobe PhotoShop 7.0.1 System Requirements link listed in the Resources below.)
  • Do not abort the installation process, once you have begun installing and copying files from the istallation disc. This action could cause several issues with the files, components, and functions, as they may not be installed properly.


  • Adobe PhotoShop 7.0.1 installs the same way on nearly every operating system, as it is a much earlier edition of the software. If you would like to view a visual of the installation process, please see the resources below.


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