How to Install ActiveX OCX

by Mickey Walburg

An OCX file is a system file that is used for various controls and plug-ins on Windows, including ActiveX. If you have a new OCX ActiveX file on your computer that needs to be installed, you can do so by registering the OCX file to the operating system. Once this registration is complete, the computer can use the OCX files for day-to-day tasks. This registration works on Windows XP, Vista and 7 systems.

Click "Start" and open "Run."

Type "cmd" (without quotes) and press "Enter."

Type "cd path_to_ocx_file" without quotes, where "path_to_ocx_file" is the full file path to the location on your computer where the OCX file is stored. For example: "C:\Windows\System32." Press "Enter."

Type "regsvr32 /s ocx_name.ocx" without quotes, substituting the name of your OCX file for "ocx_name.ocx." Press "Enter." Windows registers the OCX file to the computer.

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