How to Install Active X Control for MSN Games

by Bennett Gavrish

On the MSN Games website, you can play a variety of arcade games online for free and download some to your computer. To play MSN Games, you must be using Internet Explorer on a PC computer running Windows 2000 or later. In addition, MSN Games requires that you install an Active X Control on your browser to view game animation.

Open the Start menu and click on the "Internet Explorer" icon.

Go to the MSN Games homepage (see Resources below) in the browser window.

Click on the name of the online game that you want to play. A yellow bar will appear at the top of your browser window, instructing you to install the Active X Control.

Click on the yellow bar at the top of the window and choose "Install Active X Control." A pop-up security warning will now open.

Click "Install" in the security warning window. The installation process will now begin and should take less than five minutes. When the Active X Control installation has completed, you will be able to play MSN Games on your browser.


  • check MSN Games are only compatible with Internet Explorer. The games will not work with other browsers like Firefox.

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