How to Install a VCR

by Randall Shatto

Installing a VCR is a great way to watch old home movies or give your kids your collectible Disney movies. Almost everyone still has a VCR in the closet; however, you may not remember how to hook it up. The manual may have been misplaced and you cannot figure out the correct way to hook up the cords. You should have the proper cables located in your home so extra items may not be needed.

Look at the back of your TV. You should have a coax cable screwed into the port. This is either a direct line to your cable TV or your digital box. Unscrew the coax cable. The picture on your TV should be static.

View the back on your VCR. There should be two coax cable outlets. One states "In" while the other one is "Out." Screw the cord that came out of your TV into the "In" position.

Put the other coax cable into the "Out" position on the VCR. Both cords need to be securely fastened to the VCR or the picture quality will suffer.

Screw the end of the "Out" position coax cable into the cable port on the back of your TV. Turn your TV to "Video 1", "Video 2", "Channel 3" or "Channel 4". This depends on your VCR as well as your TV. You may need to examine your TV manual to find the proper channel for your VCR. You can also put in a movie, push "Play" and scan through your channels until the movie appears on the screen.


  • check Plug your VCR into a surge protection so the VCR does not become damaged.

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