How to Insert a YouTube Video in a Gmail

By Thomas King

Share YouTube videos over Gmail or Gchat.
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You, like many people, probably enjoy sharing hilarious videos that you find on YouTube with your friends. Fortunately, Gmail, a popular email service provided by Google, is aware of this. Gmail allows you to insert a YouTube video into a message and send it to your friend. Your friend can then view the video without opening a second window. In addition, your friend will be able to view a screen capture of the video, as opposed to just the link. This helps prevent unwanted surprises.

Sign into your Gmail account.

Click "Compose Mail" in the left pane of the Gmail screen.

Type the recipient's email address in the "To" field.

Right-click the YouTube video that you want to insert and select "Copy Video URL" from the window that appears.

Right-click anywhere inside the "Message" field on the Gmail screen and select "Paste."

Click "Send." When the recipient receives the message, the recipient will not have to click the link and wait for a new video to open. Instead, the recipient can now click "Play" on the video which is displayed at the bottom of the message.