How to Insert a Picture With WordPerfect

By Isaiah Turning

WordPerfect is part of the Corel WordPerfect Office suite. WordPerfect is the word processor software in the suite, and supports many features in addition to word processing. One feature is the ability to insert pictures into your WordPerfect documents. WordPerfect supports the insertion of pictures from its own collection of clip art or from your own hard drive. Corel WordPerfect provides two similar methods to insert pictures, which depend on the type of image you want to use.

Insert WordPerfect's Clipart

Click the "Insert" menu and select "Graphics" to expand the "Graphics" menu. Click "Clipart" to open the clip art scrapbook.

Browse the Scrapbook with the scroll bar or use the search tool to locate the clip art image you want to use. Click the image to select it.

Click "Insert" to insert your selected picture into your WordPerfect document. WordPerfect inserts your clip art at your cursor's current location in your document.

Insert A Picture From Your Computer

Click WordPerfect's "Insert" menu and select "Graphics." Select "From File" from the expanded menu.

Use the "Insert Image" dialog window to locate the picture on your computer's hard drive. Navigate to the folder or location of the image on your hard drive.

Click the image thumbnail or file name. Press the "Insert" button to insert your picture into your WordPerfect document at your cursor's current location.