How to Insert an Object as an Icon That Is Not Appearing in MS Word

by Erica Harisson

Microsoft Office 2010 and 2007 provide the ability to insert objects into Word files. An object can be an image, sound or file. When you insert an object and choose to display it as an icon, the displayed icon represents the application type of the file. For instance, an Excel icon displays when you insert an Excel document. If you want the icon to display as something that may better represent the content rather then the application, you can modify the icon.

Inserting a New Object with an Icon You Select

Step 1

Open your Word document. Click "Insert" at the top of the Word screen.

Step 2

On the "Text" segment of the menu, click on "Object."

Step 3

Select the "Object type" from the box.

Step 4

Click "Display as Icon." The default icon for the application you selected will appear.

Step 5

Click "Change Icon" to bring up the "Change Icon" dialog box.

Step 6

Click "Browse."

Step 7

Navigate to the location of the exe, dll or ico file containing the icon you want to use. Click the icon and choose "Open."

Click "OK" on the next two windows to complete the object insertion.

Modifying an Existing Object With an Icon You Select

Step 1

Right-click on the object and choose "Convert."

Step 2

Select the option that says "Change Icon."

Step 3

Navigate to the location of the icon you wish to use. Click it and choose "Open."

Click "OK" to complete the changes.


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Erica Harisson began writing in 2010. She holds four Microsoft certifications as a business intelligence developer, database administrator, SQL server 2008 business intelligence development and maintenance, and SQL server 2005. She earned a Master of Science in computer information systems from the University of Phoenix.

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