How to Insert a Check Box in Outlook

By Kathryn Hatashita-Lee

The Format Text tab includes bullet options with box symbols.
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Microsoft Outlook provides bullet symbols, including a check-box symbol, to format your to-do list. These check boxes can appear at the beginning of each paragraph, or start a new list of items and procedures. Outlook bullet symbols include white rectangles and squares with black borders that stand out on the screen or in a printout. Each bulleted line or item will indent from the left margin. A printout becomes a checklist that you and your colleagues can tick as your team completes each task.

Step 1

Click "Calendar" on the lower navigation bar, and then click the "Home" tab on the command ribbon.

Step 2

Click "New Items" in the New group, and then select "Appointment," "Contact," "E-Mail Message," "Meeting" or "Task" to open a window.

Step 3

Enter your text in the body of the window for your appointment, contact, message, meeting or task. For example, the Contact window includes the Notes section for your entries that are separate from the data fields.

Step 4

Click and drag to select and highlight the lines where you want to insert the check-box bullets. You can also click to insert the cursor to start a new bulleted list.

Step 5

Click the "Format Text" tab on the ribbon, click the "Bullets" arrow button, and then select the preferred check box style from the Bullet Library section to insert this symbol. For example, select "White Rectangle." The bulleted entries will indent from the left margin. Press "Ctrl-S" to save this updated data.