How to Insert a CD Into a Drive

by Mark Slingo

Compact Discs (CDs) are media storage discs that allow media to be stored and accessed via a CD drive on a device such as a PC or car stereo. They are loaded into devices via loading trays on insert slots where the device takes over management of the CD. Care should be taken to ensure the CDs are loaded properly for correct playback and use of the CD.


Turn on the device which the CD will be loaded into.


Open the CD drive by pressing the open button. If it is a slot loading drive, press "Eject" to ensure that there is no disc in the drive.


Place the CD with the label side facing up in the designated space in the tray. If there is a hub to hold the CD, make sure that the CD clicks onto this hub. Press the close button to load the CD in the drive. For slot loading CD drives, hold the CD with the label side face up and push it into the drive. After a small amount of pressure, the CD should be pulled by the device into the drive and loaded.

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