How to Insert Codes on a 30 Channel 10 Band Radio Scanner

By Chris Waller

The Uniden Bearcat BC60XLT is an emergency scanner that features 30 channels and 10 bands. It allows you to program the device to scan the most important emergency frequencies in your area. The scanner will scan your local codes and stop when it detects a broadcast, giving you the latest information for your home town.

Turn the "Volume" knob to the right to turn the scanner on. You will hear a click and the scanner's display will power on. You will also hear static coming through the speakers of the device. Adjust the volume to a comfortable level.

Press the "Manual" button on the control panel of the device. Use the number pad to enter a channel number to between 01 and 30. Press the "Manual" button once more once the channel number is entered.

Enter the frequency for the first emergency station you want to save. Include the decimal point in the correct place or the scanner will not recognize the frequency. You will hear what is broadcasting on the frequency once it is entered. If this is correct, press the "E" button to save it to the channel you have chosen.

Repeat Steps 2 and 3 for each frequency you want to save. When they are all programmed in, press the "Scan" button to begin searching through your programmed channels.