How to Input the Code for a TV Remote

By J. Anthony Cooley

A universal remote lets you use the same remote for all your devices
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Whether you lost your original TV remote or you want to control all your devices from a single remote, a universal remote control is what you need. Universal remotes can be programmed to many different types of devices, such as the TV, VCR and DVD player, by programming a specific code into the remote and syncing it to the device. The programming process doesn't take any technical experience or special know-how and can be completed in minutes.

Step 1

Hold down the PRG (program) button on the remote for three seconds or until the LED light turns on. This will get the remote ready to program a new device into its memory. Before starting, make sure you are in range of the device you want to program the remote to. Since this process requires the remote and device to sync, the device needs to be in range to catch the remote's signal.

Step 2

Press the TV button to specify to the remote that it is going to be programmed to a TV. Universal remotes can be used on many different devices: DVD players, home audio systems and cable boxes to name a few. For each type of device, the remote has a different set of codes to input, so selecting the wrong input will interfere with the programming process.

Step 3

Enter the three-digit programming code followed by "Enter." Different remotes may have a different set of codes for each make and model of TV, so check the manual for your remote for the correct codes. The LED light should flash and shut off. If the LED light stays on, input another code. Test the code by pressing the power button. If the code worked, your device will come on.

Step 4

Enter the code "911" to clear all programmed codes and set the remote back to factory defaults.