Innovage LCD Touch Panel Phone Instructions

By Angela Reinholz

Use the Innovage LCD Touch Pannel  phone to make and recieve phone calls.
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The Innovage LCD Touch Panel Phone includes such features as a nightlight that turns on and off, a speakerphone and caller identification functions. The caller identification feature allows you to review the phone calls that you received and call people back if you do not currently remember the phone number. The touch panel includes large number keys to aid people with impaired vision. The larger LCD display at the top of the phone lets the vision-impaired read the caller identification numbers and names because they are bigger than on normal phones.

Step 1

Check your phone to make sure it is set up properly. Open the back of the phone by pressing your fingertip on the small lever that opens the battery area. The battery cover will come off in your hand. Insert three "AAA" batteries into the back of the phone so you can use the night light feature. Replace the battery cover by sliding it into the battery area and clicking it into place with your fingers. Connect the phone to the telephone phone jack by connecting one end of the wire to the phone and another end to the wall jack. Connect the handset to the phone by inserting the end of one end of the curly phone wire to the handset and the other end into the side of the phone. Listen to the dial tone by pressing the speakerphone or picking up the handset to make sure your Innovage LCD touch panel phone is connected.

Step 2

Review calls you missed. Use the up and down arrows on the Innovage LCD touch panel phone to view the caller ID phone numbers.

Step 3

Use the night light to view the Innovage LCD touch panel in the dark. Slide the switch on the front of the panel to turn the night light function on. Slide the switch to the off position to turn the night life off.

Step 4

Adjust the volume on your speaker by selecting the speaker loudness that you want. Press the hands free button once and press the "Delete" button. Choose a loudness from one to four.

Step 5

Press the hold button on the front of your Innovage LCD touch panel phone. This will activate the hold function when you are on a call and it will allow music to play while someone is on hold. The hold music is built in to the phone and will automatically play when you press hold.

Step 6

Save a phone number as a VIP number on your Innovage LCD touch panel phone. Press set and save when an important number comes onto your caller identification. This makes it harder to delete the phone number by accident.