Information on the SounDesign Stereo Console

By Christina Thatcher

A vintage stereo console can spice up any home.
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Some stereo owners opt for vintage equipment when picking a system for their homes. The Soundesign Stereo Console is a favorite among collectors for its long-lasting quality and unique features.


Soundesign launched its first stereo rack system in 1973 and continued to produce consoles into the late 1980s. By the early 1990s, the company began to focus on the production of alarm clocks, clock radios and electronics for young people; by 2005, iPod accessories were added to the product line. Stereo collectors search for Soundesign consoles manufactured between 1978 and 1985 -- a period when the company is thought to have produced its best-quality and most aesthetically pleasing systems.


Many Soundesign stereo consoles from the 1970s featured a turntable, an AM/FM receiver, a single or double cassette player and recorder, and an eight-track player and recorder. Consoles from the early 1980s added features such as a headphone jack and clearer sound quality. Many Soundesign consoles from the late 1980s were no longer made with an eight-track player and recorder but still had great sound quality.

Finding a Soundesign Console

Getting your hands on a Soundesign Stereo Console can be tricky. Check online auction listings or post your request on electronic or music-related forums. Search visiting local vintage stores and thrift shops, which sometimes have old models lying around.